Jan 17, 2009

2009 Resolutions

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Well, this is it. 2009 is here. I've always set New Years Resolutions, sometimes I achieve them, sometimes not. But I think that calling them New Years Resolutions is part of the problem. I think I would reather have goals, that way, If I don't achieve them, it's not so much failure as just having them incomplete.

So I'm going to set some writing goals and do my darndest to stick to them. It is so easy to blithely rattle off a word count to achieve, but the reality is usually something completely different. So, in the interests of helping to make my goals happen, I thought I'd post them here for all to see. Then it will be sooo much harder to let them gather dust and fall by the wayside. Public failure is NOT acceptable.

Late 2008 I followed an online workshop on goal setting by Susan Meier (http://www.susanmeier.com/) which has really helped me focus on my writing goals (a big thank-you to you Susan). As Susan pointed out what holds us back from reaching our goals is either a Fear of Success or a Fear of Failure. I am a Fear of Failure kinda gal. I usually set the goal posts way too high, and then knowing that I can never achieve them... never do. But this year I am going to do it.

Clearly outlined in the workshop were the 7 steps in goal setting:

  1. 1. Determine what you really want
  2. 2. Write your goals on paper
  3. 3. Determine the price you have to pay
  4. 4. Make an action plan
  5. 5. Take action immediately
  6. 6. Do something every day that takes you to your goal
  7. 7. Resolve in advance you will never quit

Each goal should also:
  1. Be clear (in otherwords, if you told your cat she'd understand)
  2. Be specific
  3. Make them measurable (know when it is achieve because you can measure it)
  4. Set a time frame (without a deadline a goal is just a wish)
The other thing to remember is that we do everything to BE HAPPY. So your goals should be set to achieve this.

For me getting published will make me happy. It will enable me to make a living doing something I love and let me work from home, which lets me be there for my children. These two things will drive my motivation to achieve my goals more than anything.
So, what are my goals for 2009? I really have only 2 goals - but then I have numerous little ones which will help me achieve the other 2.

Goal 1: Finish writing my M&B Sweet #1 and pitch it at the RWAust August conference.
Goal 2: I will write M&B Sweet #2 and have it in complete draft form by the end of year.

To achieve these goals I have the following Action Plan (really just mini-goals):

  1. Enter RWAust competitions with my #1 ms (First Kiss and Valerie Parv)
  2. Enter RWAust competitions with my #2 ms (High 5, Selling Synopsis and Emerald)
  3. Write a synopsis for #1 ms before August conference
  4. If #1 ms unsuccessful from August pitch, review and rewrite and submit in Emerald also
  5. If #1 ms unsuccessful from August pitch submit synopsis in Selling Synopsis also
  6. Write for 30 minutes every day
  7. Blog every week and include how my goals are going
  8. Attend the August RWAust conference

Success or Failure are my choice and I choose Success!!!


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