May 4, 2009

Brisbane's Weather + E-List Dinner

Posted by AJ Blythe at Monday, May 04, 2009
Brisbane Weather

August in Brisbane. More to the point, Ekka week in Brisbane. To all Brisbanites that week usually signifies the turning point of the winter months. It is supposed to start warming up then. To give you a bit of an idea what to expect following are some averages for August.

max = 21.7'C
min = 10'C
rain days >1mm = 4.6
clear days = 17
@ 9am = 15'C
@ 3pm = 20.6'C

VERY windy westerlies (August is known for being dry and windy)

Just remember, weather is relative. For me, living in Brisbane, this is still cold. But if you are making the trek up from down south, you might think it barmy.

Keep in mind how you perceive this weather when making any decisions about what (not) to wear.

E-List Dinner

The E-list dinner is for all RWA members on ROMAUS. From what I understand it's a casual night before the conference officially begins Friday morning. Now, dressing for a casual dinner may sound easy: jeans, shirt and jacket. My standard clothing for anything.

Before I rubbed my hands with glee and thought, woohoo, this one's easy, I decided to take a quick look at Westfield's Fashions for Winter guide 2009. Boy, just shows nothing is that easy anymore. So, I guess it will be fair to warn you, I'll be the one dressed comfortably and warmly, just not fashionably.

According to Westfield: long cardigans, jungle prints and fake fur, bohemian folksy, tartans, shoulder pads (eek), trousers and denim - this is the look for winter this year.

The four outfits pictured here are the wardrobe examples featured in Westfield's Winter 2009 Fashion Guide.


Monique Wood on May 5, 2009 at 12:05 PM said...

Anita, you crack me up. I think I may have to come up early and take you shopping! *vbg*

Anita Joy on May 5, 2009 at 12:09 PM said...

Oh please do! I'm hopeless on my own. I usually come away empty handed, or with a handful of clothes for DH and the kids, lol.

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