Apr 5, 2012

A to Z Challenge: E

Posted by AJ Blythe at Thursday, April 05, 2012
E is for Emu, Esky and Ekka
Emus are a large (up to 2m or 6'6"), fast, flightless bird native to Australia.
An esky is the name given to a cooler (also the trademarked name of a brand of cooler, but generalised into the Aussie vernacular). Thought to have been derived by shortening Eskimo.

If you follow my A to Z challenge you'll notice the Aussie tradition of shortening *everything* (Aussie from Australia). Another example is my last E word - Ekka. The Ekka is the name given to the annual Brisbane Exhibition where produce is displayed, animals and people put through their tricks (sheepdogs, cattle parades, sheep shearing, wood cutting etc), fair rides, show bags and so on. Every town has a show day of some sort, and to celebrate we get a public holiday during the time it is on.


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