Nov 12, 2012

Motivational Monday

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dining chairs,furniture,household,padded,cushions,comfortableWriting for me is just like building a chair, making an artifact. The idea is that you build, create a story and cobble it together. If it stands up, that's good. If it stands up, it's comfortable, it's a good story, a good chair.
- Scott Smith -

Nov 8, 2012

#LikeCanberra - Questacon

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As you know we've just moved to Canberra. While we wait for our house to settle so we can move in, we're escaping our shoebox apartment at every opportunity to explore our new city. Coincidentally, Canberra has launched a "Like Canberra" campaign to highlight the experiences Canberra has to offer. I guess it probably has something to do with the fact 2013 is the 100th Birthday of the city. Either way, it gave me the idea to record our experiences as we discover Canberra...

One of the places Heckle and Jeckle (okay, The Hub and I too) were eager to get to was Questacon (science and technology centre). We ended up buying the family year pass, and as we've already been back again I think it will be money well spent. There is heaps to do here for kids and adults.

You follow a series of themed rooms each offering very different experiences. The biggest problem we found was time, and we've decided each time we go back we'll pick one room to focus on. Some of the coolest experiences was watching the lightening strike (the kids loved joining the countdown to the strike), getting your shadow photo taken, playing a robot at air hockey and the 6m free fall which the whole family did. Really, I did! Of course, it took me a good 5 minutes to stop shaking afterwards, lol.

Jeckle dropping 6m in the free fall (sorry about the sideways photo, blogger insists on turning them around for some reason).

Nov 5, 2012

Motivational Monday

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Perhaps it would be better not to be a writer, but if you must, then write. If all feels hopeless, if that famous 'inspiration' will not come, write. If you are a genius, you'll make your own rules, but if not - and the odds are against it - go to your desk no matter what your mood, face the icy challenge of the paper - write.    
~ J. B. Priestly~

Nov 1, 2012

Back in Action

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After a long hiatus I'm back to blogging :)

Our move from Brisbane to Canberra is nearly done. We're in limbo at the moment until we can move into our house (mid-November), and during this time internet access is limited (so apologies if it takes a while to respond to comments), but I finally have some time to start focussing on my writing.

It is such a relief! My stories have been churning in my head and I haven't had a second to even think about writing a word. Hopefully now they will pour out.

Once we're settled into the house (photo below) hopefully I'll be able to find some regular writing time again, and be able catch up on all the emails and blog posts I'm behind in.

Our new house in Canberra come mid-November


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