Apr 17, 2014

Stolen: Motorbike from Fisher, Canberra

Posted by AJ Blythe at Thursday, April 17, 2014
Wednesday night The Hubs motorbike was stolen from our driveway. It was locked and the key was nice and safe inside the house. At 16 years old it wasn't worth a lot, so the insurance will help, but it will still cost us money to replace.

It was well looked after but old and without any flashy after-market parts. But for us it was worth far more than its face value. We only have one car, so The Hub relied on the bike to get to and from work. Without it I will have to drive across town to drop him at work, drive back to get the kids to school, and then back across town so I can get to work. And repeat again in the afternoon while somehow juggling the sport and extra-curricular activities the kids are involved in.

The thieves would have to break the steering lock and the key lock itself to be able to move it and get it started (somehow, but they obviously know how). Not much use if you can't start it. I guess they might strip it for parts. But it is 16 years old.

Below is a photo of a similar bike (not ours but one I found on the net).

If you are in Canberra and see our bike, or hear anything about it, please call the police (crimestoppers 1800 333 000). 


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