Jan 28, 2015

Good-bye Tree

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We have a gorgeous gum tree in the front of our yard. Unfortunately the previous owners planted it too close to the retaining wall and driveway and the shallow roots of the tree are cracking open both.

We've had an arborist out and the small hope there might be some way to save the tree was dashed. It has to go.

Our eucalypt is a beautiful tree. Not only aesthetically with its multi-coloured scraggy bark, but for all the wildlife it attracts, especially birds. Cockatoos, currawongs, ravens, magpies, butcher birds and tree creepers to name a few.

It's not only birds we find in the tree; insect life flourishes as well. Cicadas, ants, beetles and bugs have all made the tree their home. The other day we found a white-stemmed gum moth caterpillar making its way down the tree. This is a rather large caterpillar (its The Hub's fingers in the photo), and not commonly seen.

It's going to be a sad day when the tree finally comes down.

Jan 21, 2015

The Flat White is Aussie!

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Every shop that serves coffee in Australia serves a flat white. It's so common here I assumed it was found all around the world. Turns out I was mistaken. Earlier this month Starbucks (the US coffee chain apparently found on every corner over there) announced they were going to start serving flat whites.

I wonder what they'll taste like? Everyone I know complains about the coffee overseas. But as this drink originates from Australia does that mean they'll follow our recipe?

I'm a chai latte drinker myself, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has had both to compare. Does the Starbucks' version stack up against the Aussie?

Jan 15, 2015

Unconventional Writing Craft

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I've enrolled in a year of tertiary study to help my writing. Not unusual, but I'm not doing a traditional "writing 101" type course. Uhuh. Not me. I'm going to be studying biometrics.

This course will provide practical training in biometric recognition. Biometrics are biological or behavioural characteristics that can be used for identification or verification purposes.

As in most cozy mysteries my protaganist has a connection with someone 'in the know' from whom she can weasel out extra information. In the case of my story, that person is a CSI. So I want to make sure I know what I am writing about.

During this course I'll learn things like face, fingerprint, iris and voice biometric technologies, court procedures and forensic digital imaging.

I can't wait to start.

Have you ever done anything to help make your writing more realistic? 

Jan 2, 2015

My New Year's (almost) Resolutions

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
I've made New Year Resolutions in the past. The odd one has by some fluke been achieved, many have been attempted while some never got past the starting post (a year is a looong time). As a result I've decided to be more realistic in my goal setting so I'm aiming for the 'Almost Achievable New Year Resolutions'. My AANYR for 2015 are:
  1. Work less (others seem to do this so it shouldn't be too hard, right?)
  2. Write more (this should be easy peasy - but I have to achieve #1 first)
  3. Study for fun (a bit of a cheat resolution as I'm already enrolled, but more on this later)
  4. Exercise more (any will be more than 2014's no-exercise-year, so possibly doable)
  5. Find "me" time (I've looked under the couch, in the dust balls behind the bed and rummaged through the mountain of folding to no avail, but I'm sure I'll be able to find it by the end of the year!)
And that's my list. What have you resolved for 2015?

Jan 1, 2015

** 2 0 1 5 **

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Wishing you a smashing year with lots of delightful surprises and filled with joy.


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