Feb 4, 2015

Star Gazing

Posted by AJ Blythe at Wednesday, February 04, 2015
Moon photo taken with The Hubs mobile phone
Out for dinner at a friends recently we commented on the wonderful view of the night sky they had from their deck. Seeing we were interested they dragged out their (mammoth) telescope and we spent an enjoyable hour looking at the moon, stars and planets.

It was a wonderful evening. The moon's surface was clearly visible. What we hadn't realised before, though, was how quickly the moon is actually moving through the night sky. We'd get the telescope lined up, but within minutes we'd be having to adjust because it would have passed out of view.

We also discovered there are some amazing apps out there (of course) to help you navigate the night sky. I put Google's 'Sky Map' on my phone, which for a free app worked really well.

Have you ever gazed at the stars?


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