May 6, 2015


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Neither of my two Barbarians are what you'd call sporty. They both play sport, but are at the 'for fun' level of the field. So it was a surprise when Heckle announced he'd qualified to represent the school at the district cross country. Mind you, I think he was as shocked as we were.

So this week I took him to the district event. Rather than the flat oval he did the school race on, this race actually went cross country - up and down hills and around a dam, all while being watched by a mob of roos. The Hub and I told him to have fun, try his best, and remember that his legs can do it =)

He set off for his 3km (about 1.9 miles) run with a smile on his face. There were about 100 kids in his event so the start was crowded. By the time Heckle reached the half way mark some were starting to be lapped and the winner was finishing. He managed to finish the race without being lapped and a placing of 77th - with a very proud Mum looking on.


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