Mar 11, 2016

Vale Jon English

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When I was ten years old my parents took me to see Pirates of Penzance. It was at that time a nearly 4-hour drive to get to Brisbane, and I had to dress up to go. I'd never been to a 'proper' theatre before and I remember my excitement well.

That night I fell in love with the theatre and in particular musical theatre. Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance has remained a sentimental favourite of mine ever since. The performance I saw starred Simon Gallaher and Marina Prior with Jon English as the Pirate King. The energy and enjoyment he brought to the role was magical and I became a fan.

I later saw the revival, again with Jon English as the Pirate King. I also saw him in HMS Pinafore.

Many years later The Hub saw Jon English at a coffee shop and approached him, asking for his autograph on my behalf and telling him how 'the wife is a fan'. I still have his autograph tucked safely away.

All these years later and I still love going to the theatre and still smile everytime I hear the music to 'A Cat Like Tread'. Australia has lost one of it's great entertainers.

Mar 10, 2016

Question for Readers

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Source: Mudgee Guardian

I've a question to ask of my international (particularly US) blog readers... Do you know what touch football is?

The characters in my current ms play mixed (as in guys and gals) touch football. I know it's an Aussie game that developed from rugby league, and I know it's now played around the world, including the US. But will readers know what it is?

I don't explain the game in my story, and my critique partners are worried overseas readers won't understand, that readers will associate it with lingerie football or gridiron, or even soccer.

It's something I always struggle with - what do international readers know? I don't want to treat my future readers like idiots and spell everything out, but at the same time I don't want them scratching their heads, or misinterpreting something, because I didn't explain.

A lot of the time I use context, or actions to demonstrate meaning. But in this instance, there are references made to touch footy a number of times before anyone is actually on the field. And it's a bit hard to use context or action to show meaning if they aren't actually playing.

This is a tricky one and I really need to know what *you* know before I worry about how to explain it in my ms.

I'd love to hear your answers. Remember to tell me the country you're from in your comment. Thank you!

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